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anim wisdomThird Molars, also known as Wisdom Teeth, are the last teeth to form in your mouth. When this occurs, your mouth already has 28 teeth in it. This causes a problem, in that the average mouth cannot hold more than 28 teeth. When the extra teeth try to come in, a lot of pain and discomfort may result. In some cases, infection can occur and be very serious. Cysts and tumors are also sometimes associated with impacted third molars. These lesions can be very destructive and may be painless until very late in their course. An examination and X-Ray are required to be sure you do not have any of these problems.

Phase One - Examination
A thorough examination and x-rays are taken to assess the situation. A prediction is made as to whether or not the new teeth will present a problem.

Examinations when the patient is about 15 years old have shown to provide the patient with the best possible outcome.

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Phase Two - Extraction (if needed)

If the Wisdom teeth are posing a serious enough threat, then outpatient surgery can be performed to extract the teeth before they become impacted.