title FacialSurgery

anim facialFacial Surgery can be performed to correct a variety of problems including:

  • Lacerations within the mouth
  • Lacerations of the face
  • Removal of lesions from the mouth or face
  • Revision of scars left by previous injury or surgery
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Chin surgery to improve contour, shape or size
  • Bone grafts for reconstruction of bony defects
  • Sinus bone grafts for implant placement
  • Avulsed teeth (teeth that are knocked out)
  • Fractured bones of the face and jaw

Drs. Chewning and McDonald will be happy to see you or a family member in consultation to evaluate your need for surgery and to review your options. We perform many other surgical procedures as well. If you have a question about a procedure not listed here, please "Contact Us."